Who we are?

About us

Ojovent provides the most effective results for your software, design, web site and corporate needs. As a company with a primary customer satisfaction, Ojovent is at the forefront of its customers.

Why us?

Continuosly Developing

The Ojovent team is constantly in research. Ojovent constantly improves and this leads to a better job. Unlike most companies, we do not say we do the best, but if we do better, we should do even better.

Always with You

Continuous Support

Ojovent keeps track of your business and supports you with what you need. In addition to getting a support package for the job done, Ojovent constantly checks the quality of the job you are doing.

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Corporate Website

We create 'simple management' sites that appeal to different design trends that are convenient, useful, and meet your needs

E-Commerce Site

We are creating e-commerce sites that are scalable, well-matched, very easy to manage and responsive to your requests.

Mobile App

From catalog application to plate recognition system, we make applications for all platforms for the area you need.


We do not leave you alone in areas where you need design, such as logos, brochures.


With years of accumulation, we are publishing your ads in circles such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


With years of experience in the software industry, we are creating completely customized software tailored to your business.

Software Architecture


Software Developer


Software Analyst


Business Developer

Esra Keldal

Ojovent with you to realize the project in your mind

We Do Good Works Together

We are signing nice works with our directors towards our customers’ wishes.

Satisfied Customers

Ojovent puts your satisfaction at the forefront while making things fast and offering you simple solutions. Thus, the resulting business is of high quality and in the direction of your wishes.

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