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OJO-Commerce is an e-commerce software based on woocommerce. OJO-Commerce uses drop-down functionality. You can activate it any time you want and wait for the time you want. You pay monthly so you do not pay when you do not use it. OJO-Commerce comes with all modules There is no need to pay additional fee for additional module. So there are no packages.

Monthly fixed price: $30 for all features

Setup-fee: $100

Setup Fee is free for a year usage payment.

Installment Facilities in Mass Payments

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General Features

  • Bandwith: 500GB/Monthly. ( extra price per 500GB )
  • Web space: 5GB ( extra price per 5GB)
  • E-mail: Unlimited (Your total space is reflected)
  • SSL Certificate (free)
  • Blog
  • Google Analytics Module
  • RSS feeds
  • Multi Language
  • Integration of MailChimp and optionally other e-mail services

Catalog Features

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • 100% SEO Compliant
  • Simple, Group, Variable products
  • Variation attributes (Size, Color…)
  • Affiliate Products (Products with external links)
  • Ability to Define Dimensions Weight
  • Customized Cargo Classification
  • Creating Linked Products
  • Customer Purchase Notation Transmission
  • Creating a Custom Badge on the Product-Based Catalog Page (New, Super …)
  • Product Custom Tab
  • Product Video Tab
  • Product Image Gallery
  • Collective Out-Bond Transfer
  • Creating Opportunity Products
  • Making announcements
  • Request List for Users
  • Stock Alarm for Management and Users
  • Stock management
  • Out-of-Stock Sales
  • Labels
  • Product Detail Tabs
  • Ability to Create Related Products

Membership Features

  • Social Login
  • Grouping Customers
  • Ability to set product prices and discounts according to customer groups

Payment Features

  • Money Transfer
  • Cash payment at the door
  • Payment by credit card at the door
  • Payment by Credit Card (All Banks)
  • 3D Payment Option
  • Iyzico Integration
  • PayU Integration
  • Virtual Product Sales
  • Ability to create an alert email for pending orders
  • Ability to order from specific countries and / or cities
  • Determination of Monetary Units
  • Advanced Tax Classes
  • Compulsory Payment

Order Features

  • Shopping with Facebook, Google, Twitter
  • Shopping without registration
  • Minimum Quantity Determination
  • To determine the minimum order amount
  • Advanced Coupon Code Application

Shipping Features

  • Detailed Shipping Management
  • Country and / or City Based Shipping Methods
  • Free Shipping Class
  • Connect Free Freight to Terms
  • Delivery of Cargo Information to Customers
  • Tracking the Cargo Stages in Customers’ Order Tracking

Social networks

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter Login, Registration
  • Sharing with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest (and social networks that can be added on demand)
  • Disqus and Facebook Reviews

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